I’m Katie, and this is my blog Leave No Dish Unturned.  So what’s that about you ask?  Well, first off,  when I’m cooking I seem to tear gracelessly through the kitchen so that by the time I’m done there is flour everywhere and (nearly) all my dishes piled high next to the sink.  More importantly though, it simply means try anything.  I consider myself a very experimental cook and short of catching the house on fire, I’m willing to accept almost any consequence for the chance to create something new.  I’ve decided to start this blog, unfortunately for you reader, not because I have profound things to say or ground breaking recipes the world must see, really I’m just hoping for a chance to catalog my culinary adventures, get feedback from the internet folk on how I can improve, and, if it’s not too much to ask, maybe inspire someone else to explore the wonders of the kitchen.  Oh yea, I’m also a med student, so for better or for worse I’ll probably share some of the (what I consider) exciting things I learn because I just can’t help myself.  Medicine is fascinating!  Before I begin, here’s  a few things you should know about me:

  1. I cook dairy-free.  I’ve found in the past year or so my stomach is much a happier place when I don’t take in any milk products, even without the lactose, so with much mourning, I’ve given up my life-long affair with the cow in exchange for a blossoming relationship with soy, coconut and strange things like nutritional yeast.
  2. Sometimes I cook gluten-free and vegetarian as well.  My dad has celiac disease and my sister is a vegetarian meaning meals at our house are never easy.  The rare times I’m home I love coming up with meals we can all enjoy.  Just like the dairy-free cooking, it’s a challenge that is as delicious as it is enlightening.  For instance, did you know ground up almonds help make the most gooey, dense, mouthwatering brownies you can imagine?  Incredible!  On a personal note though…you’ll have to pry wheat bread and bacon out of my cold dead hands before I ever give them up completely!
  3. As I said in the beginning, I believe that the kitchen is a place to experiment.  My theory is, if you put good things in (like copious amounts of butter—or butter flavored margarine in my case…) you’re bound to at least get something good out, even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted.  With that being said, this weekend I’m going to try making a soufflé for the first time.  Can’t wait!

My eyes are telling me it’s time for bed so that will have to be enough for now.  Will post again when I’ve actually made something…hopefully that something will be a nice poofy soufflé.  Till then,