Attempt number one.

Complete chaos. Filling…EVERYWHERE.  Rock hard burnt caramel EVERYWHERE. And to top it off, my landlord decided to show up with 3 groups of people to tour the apartment. “Wow! What are you making?”  “Um, a mess??That’s the only decent picture I got before the whole thing came tumbling down.  

Where is the evidence of this destruction you say?  Well half of it is in my stomach and the other half is a landfill somewhere.  I was too embarrassed to photograph it.  I apologize.  In any case, challenge failed. I vowed never to come near a croquembouche again.

That lasted all of three days before I went in for round two.

So far so good.  As for assembly, it stayed together, but it was a pretty plain site. Just a cone draped in chocolate and ugly caramel. After staring at it for a few minutes, I called in the boyfriend who immediately said, “looks like a stack of doughnut holes, just sprinkle it with powdered sugar,” and walked back up stairs.

Great.  Hours in the kitchen and I get doughnut holes?

But without much to loose I tried it and what do you know, it worked?

And yea, maybe they look like doughnut holes, but they are SO much better. Puffy pillows of creaminess.

The May 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Cat of Little Miss Cupcake. Cat challenged everyone to make a piece montée, or croquembouche, based on recipes from Peter Kump’s Baking School in Manhattan and Nick Malgieri.

Challenge indeed!

Recipe for the daring…or the insane 😉